Alec Baldwin- Failed Radio Star

Rich Zeoli Show Recap 10-8-18

The Rich Zeoli Show
October 08, 2018 - 6:19 pm

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Once upon a time, in the dark time of 2006, WPHT was throwing around ideas wanting to see what would stick. In a very questionable decision, actor and SNL Trump portrayer Alec Baldwin was given a shot at a show, appearing on a Sunday night. Baldwin called for callers that weren’t there throughout the entire show, resorting to punishment for the non-callers when listeners still wouldn’t call. At one point during the show, Baldwin started reading the Scientology Manual and a take-out menu because he had nothing else to talk about. Turns out Alec will have another crack at a talk show as ABC will premiere their new project, The Alec Baldwin Show, this coming Sunday.


Just hours after he had walked off the Senate floor in a failed attempt to stonewall Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Cory Booker appeared in front of the crowd at the Iowa Democratic Party’s annual gala. Before giving “the speech of his life,” as deemed by, Count Grandstandula has been talked about in the media as a potential Presidential nominee in 2020. According to many, Rich would like to respectfully disagree