Barletta: "no federal agency should be spying on any campaign"

The Chris Stigall Show
May 21, 2018 - 10:46 am

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Philadelphia (1210 WPHT) -  President Donald Trump announced that he wants the Department of Justice to investigate whether the FBI infiltrated his 2016 presidential campaign. This has caused many within the department to say Trump has no authority, and this 'abuse of power' has to be stop. Congressman Lou Barletta joined The Chris Stigall Show on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT and says no federal agency should be spying on any campaign.

"This would be unbelievable, if in the end, when this whole investigation was about investigating Russian collusion with the Trump campaign to affect the election, if in fact, it happens to turn out to be some FBI personnel colluding with the Democrats to try to defeat Donald Trump." 

Barletta says that it's within the President's authority for him to be able to investigate this report. 

"If this report turns out to be accurate, we need to find out exactly if the FBI did this independently, or if they were connected to, or ordered to, or working with anyone, either in the administration or in the Democrat party.  When we give them (FBI) surveillance powers, as any American- Democrat, Republican or Independent- we should all be concerned about how the FBI is using its surveillance powers. We have to assure the American people, that that if they can do his there, they can do it to you or me or anyone else." 

In Pennsylvania's primary, Barletta won the Republican nomination to take on Senator Bob Casey in the November election. Barletta says he'll campaign on the President's policies, because they're working. 

"I'm not going to apologize for the economy soaring. For the fact that people are seeing more money in their pockets, people are going back to work and the President is installing the rule of law in the country again. That's nothing to be apologizing for because they are making our families more secure,  making our country more secure. I wouldn't want to be Bob Casey campaigning against that. Why would you campaign against tax cuts?"