Colonel Allen West: Leadership Like Paul Ryan Should Step Aside

Says Republicans Still Have to Tout Their Successes

The Dom Giordano Program
August 09, 2018 - 12:58 pm

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Philadelphia (1210 WPHT) - Colonel Allen West discussed the special election results in Ohio and told Dom Giordano on TalkRadio 1210 WPHT that despite the win, Republicans should still be ready for a fight in November.

“When I look at the special election that happened in central Ohio [district 12], President Trump won that district by eleven points in 2016. Mr. [Troy] Balderson I think barely pulled out the win by about .9%. “

West continued, “It’s a special election during the summer, so you’re not going to have a lot of engagement so they’ve got to come back and run it again in November. I think you’ll see the same result with a little bit wider of a margin but Republicans have to get out and tout their successes. “

West explained to Giordano that with Speaker Paul Ryan stepping down after his current term, it would be wise for Ryan to step down as Speaker so someone invested for the long term take the reigns of leadership.

“If you’re going to announce that you’re not running for reelection, step down. Allow someone that has a little bit more energy, more skin in the game to continue on.”

West explained what is a key problem that Republicans face, “I really think the problem with the Republicans is that they have become so scared of actually coming out and admitting that ‘hey I support the President’s policies,,’ doesn’t meant that you support his tweets, it doesn’t mean that you support some of his personal idiosyncrasies  but you support his policies. That’s where they need to push back on the progressive media out there.”

With the recent clash between ANTIFA activists and conservatives Candace Owens and Charles Kirk in Philadelphia, West weighed in that conservatives followed by these activists, should not back down on them and stand your ground.

“You need to say, that ‘I’m not backing down.’ If someone comes up to me and says,  ‘ I know where you live’, that ‘s a threat and I’m going to respond not proportionally. If you throw water on me or throw food on me, that’s an assault and there’s a light that’s going to come on and it’s going to be a different type of person.  I think it’s important that we carry ourselves that way and also not give them any opportunity to give them the high ground.”