Congressman Fitzpatrick weighs in on Trump’s feud with ‘The Squad’

Illegal Immigration, The Equality Act, and The State Of Politics

The Dom Giordano Program
July 16, 2019 - 2:30 pm

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Today on the Dom Giordano Program, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick joined the show to catch up on a multitude of current issues.

On Facebook the other day, Fitzpatrick took issue with protestors in Colorado who took down the American flags flying above a border facility, and replaced them with a flag of Mexico and a spray-painted and upside-down American flag.

Fitzpatrick, who called the incident ‘disgraceful’ explained, “this has gotten completely out of control. I’m someone who has been trying to bridge the gap and lower the temperature, and fix a very broken immigration system.”

In regards to Trump’s battle with the four congresswomen who have deemed themselves ‘the Squad’, when asked whether he’d sign a resolution condemning Trump’s words, Fitzpatrick fell short of backing Trump.

“I agree with a lot of what the President does from a policy standpoint, from tax reform, immigration, when it comes to border security,” Fitzpatrick said. “What I disagree with the President on is his tone. I am a Ronald Reagan Republican and that’s the area I grew up in.”

Dom dug deeper, asking Fitzpatrick specifically about Rep. Ilhan Omar.

“There should be a resolution put on the floor condemning her remarks. And that, by the way, was supposed to happen,” Fitzpatrick said. “Her comments are absolutely reprehensible, no question about it.”

Dom then drilled down on the issue of the Equality Bill, asking specifically about women athletes who have dedicated their lives to their sport and are overshadowed by trans-males.

Fitzpatrick replied quickly, asking how many times that has happened.

Expounding on his support for the Equality Bill, Fitzpatrick explained, “if the GOP is ever going to win the House back and expand, we have got to start talking to people in the suburban areas where these issues matter. We can deal with these individual cases on an individual basis, but discrimination is very real. It is a very real thing, I have personally witnessed it, and it’s something we need to accept and work to fix.”

Dom wrapped up the interview by asking Fitzpatrick about his critics who think he’s a RINO.

“I believe in the beliefs and the approach of Ronald Reagan,” Fitzpatrick replied. “Part of what a leader is, in my view, is not only do you have to have your policy right, and not only do you have to be a great listener and surround yourself with people who think differently than you, but you’ve also got to lower the temperature and bridge the gap.”

“If we’re going to perpetuate this Hatfield vs. McCoy mentality, where everybody is yelling at each other, I think that puts us on a very dangerous trajectory in our country.”

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