Councilman Oh Surprised By Mayor Kenney's Criticism Towards Bill On Real Estate Tax

Councilman Wants Money Returned to Proprety Owners Amid Errors

Dom Giordano
March 14, 2019 - 1:05 pm

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Philadelphia (1210 WPHT) Mayor Jim Kenney had strong words against City Councilman at-large, David Oh, for his criticism towards Philadelphia’s finance director over errors in real estate tax assessments in the city.

Councilman Oh joined TalkRadio 1210 on the Dom Giordano Program with his thoughts on the errors in the real estate tax assessment and also the criticism from Mayor Kenney.

Oh told Giordano that he was a little surprised by Kenney’s remarks.

“Just a little bit. I mean it’s unusual that a Mayor, even if they’re that upset, will put it in writing. I thought it was confidential between him and I so I didn’t do anything with it but apparently somebody in his administration gave it to the press and made a news story out of it.”

The Councilman proposed a bill that would forgo the assessments of real estate for the previous year due to errors in numerous assessments.

“The property tax, it is hurting all sorts of people. The very diverse single mothers, young professionals, millennials, nurses, doctors, people in poverty, minorities, it’s a very broad problem.”

Oh continued, “Now what they’re hearing, is basically ‘you’re going to have to pay these improper taxes and possibly lose your house, be foreclosed on, while we keep working on this problem. We know it’s wrong but we’re not going to do anything about it.’”

The councilman told Giordano that there is a possibility of a taxpayer lawsuit.

“There is a possible taxpayer lawsuit. I do think that there is a civil issue here. I hope for us to resolve this between the legislative branch and the administrative branch, if I have enough support among my colleagues.

Oh concluded, “ The thing about a righteous thief and [an] unrighteous thief is that they’re both thieves. They don’t understand that this is not money that they’re allowed to have. It’s very simple to me…. you’re making excuse after excuse, reason after reason, why you won’t give people back the money that isn’t yours.”