Attorney: FBI Raid on Cohen is Threat to Attorney-Client Privilege

George Parry says

The Dom Giordano Program
April 10, 2018 - 1:28 pm



Yesterday, FBI officials conducted a raid on President Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen. The raid was conducted in connection with the alleged money used to paid off Stormy Daniels just before the election of President Trump in November of 2016. Attorney George Parry joined TalkRadio 1210 and The Dom Giordano Program to discuss the raid’s connection to the Paul Manafort raid in August of 2017.

“ I think what’s going on is this is of a piece of that ridiculous gangbusters raid that Robert Mueller and his Hillary Clinton fan club pulled of in Paul Manafort’s home when they did a dawn raid in what was essentially a white collar situation of a person, Manafort, who was actually cooperating with the investigators. “

Parry explained to Giordano that the raid yesterday against Cohen was simply Mueller’s team continuing to be thuggish towards anyone involved with Trump.

“This is just more needless, thuggish behavior by the Mueller team as far as I’m concerned. Whatever is involved with Stormy Daniels, and look maybe she’s a Russian, I don’t know. Whatever is involved here, I think this raid on the lawyer’s office was just an outrage. “

President Trump was quickly to call this raid an attack on the Country. Parry explained that it simply comes down to an attack on attorney-client privilege.

“When the President says this is an attack on the Country, in one sense it’s an attack on the attorney-client privilege. I mean Cohen may be the worst attorney in the world but if he’s got clients who confide in him and provide information to him that should be protected by the attorney-client privilege. Using a search warrant to go in and seize all the files, I think, is just an outrage and that is an attack on the rule of law as far as I’m concerned. What good is attorney-client privilege if law enforcement can go in and seize all the lawyer’s files. They can talk about ‘oh yeah, there are exceptions to the attorney-client privilege.’ I missed the one where it says they can kick down the lawyer’s door and make off with all his files and then we’ll sort it out later.”

Parry concluded that this could result in clients being weary about the future of attorney-client privileges.