U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain Wants to 'Push Back' on Philly Inquirer's 'False Narrative'

The Dom Giordano Program
August 28, 2019 - 11:00 am

(Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)


PHILADELPHIA (1210 WPHT)- For all the praise the police have received for their actions during the 15th St. shootout, there has been criticism of the department.

U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain talked with The Dom Giordano Program about the Philadelphia Inquirer's critical view of the police.

"You've seen since then, this narrative in the press that's sort of being pushed by the Inquirer that the police were the oppressors in that actual situation when they were rushing to the aide of their comrades," said McSwain. "That they're considered the oppressors was a big front-page story in the Inquirer."

McSwain called the Inquirer's reporting "hard to stomach," alluding to what McSwain saw as slanted reporting on their part.

"I think it's really irresponsible to portray that as the dominant narrative," McSwain explained. "That's not true. I think most people did support the police...how could you not?

"Still, there is an element out there that is going to be critical and unfair to the police no matter what they do. And I consider it part of my job to push back against that false narrative."

McSwain chastised District Attorney Larry Krasner for cultivating a hostile climate against the police department.

"Larry Krasner has a big megaphone, just like I have a megaphone, just like anybody who is in a position of responsibility in law enforcement," said McSwain. "That megaphone needs to be used in a responsible, careful, truthful way. 

"And if you're constantly out there, essentially slandering the police and talking about how the entire department and the entire criminal justice system is somehow corrupt and racist without pointing to any individual evidence to support your argument, that is irresponsible." 

"What you're doing is opening fire on the oppressors...the people the District Attorney calls 'war criminals,'" McSwain added. "That creates the wrong kind of environment in the city."

Listen to Dom Giordano's full interview with Bill McSwain below.