Congressional Candidate: I Would Not Vote for Nancy Pelosi

NJ State Senator Van Drew Wants a More Centrist Speaker

The Dom Giordano Program
July 19, 2018 - 1:10 pm

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New Jersey State Senator and Congressional candidate, Jeff Van Drew discussed Governor Phil Murphy’s budget and tax plan and his thoughts on the future of the Democratic party with Dom Giordano on TalkRadio 1210 WPHT.

“I didn’t vote for the [New Jersey] budget and I voted against, not all, but a whole bunch of [taxes] whether it was the plastic bag tax, the reality transfer tax or the Air bnb tax or the tax on the taxi cab, all of these taxes I voted against, there was one or two I did [support] but most of them I voted against. “

Van Drew continued, “We really don’t always have a revenue problem. What we often have is a spending problem and it’s something we’re really going to have to control. Eventually we can’t keep going along this way or we’re just going to be a state of very, very wealthy people and very, very poor people and that’s not what we want.”

Van Drew hopes that his experience as a former Mayor, Assemblyman and a Councilman throughout New Jersey will help him reach across party lines and increase bipartisanship.

“I know that you can work across the aisle, if people don’t behave like jackasses and are wiling to stretch out and really give a little bit each way, both sides and say ‘we really can get something done’ I think it can be done. “

Van Drew went on to say, “I go to Washington about once a week for different [events] and you’ll see so often now even in a restaurant, Republicans are on one side and Democrats are on the other. There are even Republican and Democrats restaurant and bars. Our loyalty is to the nation, to the United State of America, it shouldn’t just be to one particular party and we’ve gotten so intense on frankly both sides of the aisle.”

If Democrats were to take back the House this November, Van Drew stated that he would not vote for Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House.

“I have been clear on the record, publicly saying that I will not vote for Nancy Pelosi. I’m not sure how much clearly I could be, I’ve now said it on your show, I’ve said it on multiple shows, I’ve said it in print media, I’m not voting for Nancy Pelosi, that I know. We want to see what choices are out there and what changes can be made.”