Dan Abrams: "There is No Evidence of Wrongdoing" in Russian Investigation

ABC News Legal Expert Tells Giordano A Broad Investigation of FISA May Be Warranted

Dom Giordano
May 20, 2019 - 1:54 pm

Photo by Jesse Grant


ABC news’ chief legal affairs anchor and author of “Theodore Roosevelt For The Defense” Dan Abrams discussed the new investigation of what led to the investigation of Russian collusion in the Trump campaign

“I’m okay with the Inspector General of the FBI going back to figure out more about what happened. I don’t think there is any indication at this point, and that’s what Chris Ray the Director of the FBI that got President Trump so upset is there is no evidence of wrongdoing at this point.”                            

Abrams continued with Giordano about the overreaction to the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page

“They were fired and that was a separate inspector general investigation. That investigation is already done on the Hillary Clinton investigation. What did he find? He found those texts were inappropriate; he found that they were correct in firing them. He also found that they didn’t act in any way towards helping Hillary Clinton. In fact, if they wanted to help Hillary Clinton it simply would’ve leaked that there was a Russian investigation ongoing.”

Abrams also told Giordano that everything that has been brought into question surrounding the Russian investigation can’t all be lumped together.

“You can’t lump it all together. You got to go case by case. Am I troubled by [Andrew] McCabe? No. I am trouble by Strzok and Page’s texts? Yes. Do I think [they] should’ve been fired? Yes.  Do I think there is any evidence that Strozk and Page took any action to hurt the President? No. Do I think that it’s okay that they’re looking a little more into the FISA stuff? Yes.”

Abrams suggested that the having a discussion on the broad terms of FISA is fine but not specifically to this instance only involving President Trump.

“Here is my concern, my concern is that people who used to be tough law and order people have now become criminal defense lawyers.  If you want to be a criminal defense lawyer [and] you want to say that the FISA process is unfair to particular targets and we need to change the process, that’s fine. Let’s talk about a broad discussion of FISA. That’s very different from saying that there was something that was done here that was improper, based on what the laws were at the time.”