Giordano: A Major Concern with Red Flag Laws is 'False Accusations'

The Dom Giordano Program 08/27/19

The Dom Giordano Program
August 27, 2019 - 11:41 am

On today's show, Dom Giordano discussed the legalization of marijuana with Michael DiCroce, the Mayor of Shamong Township, NJ. DiCroce explained the benefits of legalizing marijuana and answered whether or not past marijuana convictions would be expunged from records if legalization happened. DiCroce also discussed the idea of a "pot shop" with Dom, who expressed concern over what that could bring. 


Later, Dom discussed Red Flag laws with Rep. Todd Stephens (PA-R). Stephens clarified Dom's questions as to whether or not the bills applied more toward people who are suicidal, as opposed to mass shooters. Stephens also addressed the concern of "false accusations" that Red Flag laws could potentially incite from spurned individuals. Plus, Dom gave his review of Stephens' bill.


Finally, Dom talked with FOP President John McNesby about an upcoming event to support the officers involved in the 15th St. standoff. McNesby detailed the event and also offered his take on what qualities Philadelphia's next police commissioner should possess. Plus, McNesby updated Dom on the status of the officers who were injured in the standoff.