Giordano: 'We Don't Want People to Be The Busybody Nanny Nation'

The Dom Giordano Program 08/30/19

The Dom Giordano Program
August 30, 2019 - 10:31 am

On today's show, Dom discussed the hot-button issue of whether to leave a child waiting in a car while a parent runs a quick errand. Dom was not opposed to the idea, but Dawn and some of the callers had their own thoughts on the issue. Dom debated whether or not this was truly a dangerous decision and questioned how this reflects on parents. Plus, the idea of having a stranger monitor somebody else's children from afar while the parent is in the store.


Dom talked with PR professional Dan Cirucci about the Cherry Hill Board of Education meeting that he spoke at. Cirucci weighed in on the potential damage this battle has done to the school district and explained why he felt the Cherry Hill School District "blew it." Plus, Cirucci explained why it is wrong for the school to go after the children for the money owed by the parents.


Dom chatted with National Review columnist Andrew C. McCarthy about his new book, Ball of Collusion. McCarthy addressed the James Comey legal battle and how Comey and Inspector General Mike Horowitz perceived meetings with President-Elect Trump and also explained why this is not a political corruption case.