Former Gov Ed Rendell: 'You Can't Win a General Election' with Medicare-for-All

The Rich Zeoli Show
September 13, 2019 - 12:29 pm

(Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images for Meet the Press)


PHILADELPHIA (1210 WPHT)- Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell was one of many viewers of the Democratic Debate and he made some observations about the far-left direction of the party in an interview with The Rich Zeoli Show.

"I got called by a fairly high ranking Western-Elected Democrat for the sake of he didn't want to go public," said Rendell. "He said, 'What Senator Sanders, Senator Warren are saying about energy just won't fly in Western Pennsylvania. If they're the nominees, we can't carry the state.'"

While Rendell would not go so far as to say they could not carry Pennsylvania, he did make one concession.

"If it's Senator Sanders and Senator Warren, it will be much tougher," said Rendell.

Rendell explained why he feared Sanders and Warren's ideas for health care. 

"There are over 150 million Americans who have private insurance and some of them don't like it because it ...isn't very good," Rendell said. "But let's say 100 million, two-thirds are very satisfied with their private insurance. You can't win a general election if you tell 100 million people that they're going to lose the insurance that they have that they like...through their unions or through their company that they work for."

Rendell added why the public may not go for Medicare-for-All. 

"No matter how good Medicare may be, it's still a government program and people are just not going to accept that," Rendell explained. "And to me, that makes them almost un-electable. 

"But again, never say never," said Rendell.

Listen to the full interview below.