Dr. Stephen Hahn to Zeoli: The White House and FDA Are on the Same Page for a Safe, Effective COVID Vaccine.

FDA Commissioner Joins The Zeoli Show

The Rich Zeoli Show
October 26, 2020 - 11:13 am

FDA Commissioner. Dr. Stephen Hahn, joined The Rich Zeoli Show discussing the emergency authorization of Remdesivir to help treat COVID-19 patients and the countless hours being put in to develop a safe, effective vaccine.

“Just recently, as you know, we had the first approval of the drug Remdesivir for the treatment of COVID-19. And that was for patients who were 12 years and old who require hospitalization.”


Dr.Hahn continued, “It is the first therapeutic approved but also just shows you what the great medical research infrastructure can do and the private sector can do when we work together. It’s a pretty remarkable event and its good news for the American people.”


The FDA Commissioner also gave the work being put in by the FDA to develop a safe and effective vaccine for the American public.

“We are breaking down the barriers and really accelerating the process of review was one of the things that our terrific employees at FDA did, more than 17,000 [employees], they’ve been working overtime. [Working] double our normal work load during COVID-19. In addition to approving cancer drugs and the other things we do on a routine basis we’ve been working on COVID-19 and accelerating the therapeutics and the diagnostic tests. It’s a pretty remarkable set of circumstances.”

Dr. Hahn also clarified that the White House and the FDA are working close together to approve a safe and effective vaccine and will not approve a vaccine that doesn’t meet those standards.

“At the end of June we put out our guidelines, we updated them in the beginning of the October so that everyone was clear about what we were going to look at for authorization for approval of a vaccine. We are going to stay with that.”

Hahn also clarified with Zeoli that the FDA and White House are working close together and on the same page when it comes to approving a safe, effective vaccine.

“They cleared our guidance document that stated that specifically. We’re all on the same page on what needs to be done for getting a vaccine authorized or approved.”

Listen to the full interview below: