Fitzpatrick: Omnibus Spending Bill Was A Stopgap

House Will Vote on Balanced Budget Amendment

The Dom Giordano Program
April 12, 2018 - 2:22 pm

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Representative Brian Fitzpatrick is one of the Republicans in Congress to vote for the omnibus-spending bill. Fitzpatrick joined the Dom Giordano Program on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT to discuss the House’s consideration for a balanced budget amendment.

“Really the problem is Dom is we inherited a mess of a situation. The military was incredibly depleted. I was in Afghanistan with General  [John] Nicholson, he’s the commanding Genera of the Afghan theater and every single military General, leader, rank and troop were begging for us to give them a long a term budget. We had more deaths, in fact twice as many deaths, in training accidents than we had in combat this year and the previous year as well. Ever since sequestration the military has been incredibly depleted. [There are] 195 Countries on this planet, there is not a single one that is safer, more stable, more secure than it has been in the past, we live in a very dangerous world. These continuing resolutions were killing the military and they asked for full-tier budget. General Mattis wanted $700 billion year one, $716 year two. We gave him everything he asked for. My bill, the children of fallen heroes scholarship fund, was included in the omni, certainty can’t vote against my own bill. It sort of illustrates part of the problem, Dom. I’m a big believer in single issue legislation, I hate these omnibus bills.”

Fitzpatrick sees the balanced budget amendment as a way to fix an issue like the Omnibus bill going forward.

“Well this is a Constitutional amendment, so it’s a very heavy lift. It requires two thirds of the House, two thirds, of the Senate and three fourths  of the States to ratify. So what this bill in particular does is it requires Congress to not spend more than receives in revenue except in instances of military conflict or National security circumstances and in additional the measure mandates a true majority in both House and Senate to pass tax increases and a preset super majority to raise the debt limit. So we’re trying to correct this issue going forward. The Omni in most of our view was a stopgap measure.”

Despite the challenge of receiving a two thirds the vote in both divisions of Congress., Fitzpatrick believes it’s important to get something on the floor for House members to vote on.

“Another reason for the two year [spending] bill is that for two years, they’re [Democrats] not going to be able to hold the military hostage. We’ve taken care of that piece of the puzzle. That was another aspect of this, taking the military off the table so they cannot use that as an excuse. As far as the likelihood of the bill passing, and there are bills put on the floor all the time that don’t pass, if we believe in it and the concept we put it on the floor. We require every single member to put in their voting card, vote yay or nay and go back to their Constituents and explain their vote. I hope it passes, it think it’s common sense.”