Former Temple Student, Rape Survivor, Supports Guns

The Rich Zeoli Show
March 25, 2019 - 2:35 pm

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PHILADELPHIA (1210 WPHT)- A former Temple student and rape survivor spoke out in favor of firearms in an interview with The Rich Zeoli Show.

While attending Temple University, Savannah Lindquist explained that she was raped by someone she thought was a friend. Lindquist, who is a gun owner, said she did not have her gun at her side when she was attacked.

“It was just this feeling of complete helplessness,” Lindquist explained.  “Your adrenaline is pumping, and you’re trying to fight, but you know you can’t, and I’m just sort of focused on surviving because I knew I wasn’t going to get away.”

When asked about people trying to sway women against guns, Lindquist said it varies.

“An argument that I hear a lot, specifically, is that, ‘The gun can be turned against you,’” said Lindquist. “I think a lot of it preys on this belief that women are weak.”

Lindquist said she does not take the gravity or responsibility of a firearm lightly. “But as long as you have the training and you’re responsible with that, it’s definitely a reliable means of self-defense.”

 “A gun is a tool that can be used to defend yourself, your family, your property if necessary. It is dangerous if put in the wrong hands,” said Lindquist. “God forbid I’m ever in a situation where I need to use my firearm to defend myself, I’m going to be able to do so competently.”

Listen to the full interview below.​