Giordano: Allowing Looting to Go On Before Taking Action 'Aggravates the Situation'

The Dom Giordano Program | June 01, 2020

The Dom Giordano Program
June 01, 2020 - 6:05 pm

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Former Upper Darby Police Commissioner Predicted An Incident Like George Floyd's Death

Dom Giordano talks with Former Upper Darby Police Administrator Mike Chitwood about the looting and chaos around the country. Chitwood talks about the rioters and calls for them to be locked up from the get-go. Chitwood explains how criminality will lead to the downfall of society and defends peaceful protesters. Plus, Chitwood explains that he told his staff that one incident could lead to chaos, which is exactly what took place.


Dinesh D'Souza Says "Forced Conformity" is Key to Socialism

Dom Giordano talks with Dinesh D'Souza about the riots that are taking place in the cities as a response to the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. D'Souza explains the mix of socialism and identity politics that is rearing its head and the left's "investment in racial grievance." D'Souza points out that none of these riots really have anything to do with George Floyd, calling Floyd a "fuse" that set this whole chain of events off. D'Souza explains the ideology behind the civil unrest and ANTIFA. D'Souza compares ANTIFA to the disciples of Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini. Plus, the importance of "forced conformity" in socialism.


Philadelphians Stand Guard at Target at Front & Snyder

Dom Giordano talks with Anthony Giordano about guarding the Target store at Front & Snyder. Anthony explains how the group standing watch is a nonviolent group and dispels rumors online that are saying he hates black people. Anthony denounces looting and violence and points out that his group is not a group of vigilantes. Dom theorizes the reason why Anthony's group has not gotten pushback is that Philadelphians know better than to mess with South Philly guys. Plus, Anthony reveals how long he thinks this will go on for. 


Archbishop Nelson Perez Prays for the American People to Make "Noble" Decisions

Dom Giordano talks with Archbishop Nelson Perez about the desecration of St. Patrick's Cathedral and other churches around the country. Perez sends his thoughts to George Floyd's family and calls for peace and order to return. Perez calls for people to reach into their hearts and behave with nobility. Perez talks about the clean-up effort on Walnut Street and the coalition of people from all different backgrounds. Plus, Perez addresses the Catholic schools of Philadelphia and applauds them for their efforts following the closures of schools during the pandemic.


Frank Rizzo Jr. Says His Father and Mayor Jim Kenney Didn't Like Each Other

Dom Giordano talks with Frank Rizzo Jr. about the assault on his father's statue in Center City. Rizzo sends his thoughts and prayers to the police officers in Philadelphia and talks about the mutual dislike between his father and Mayor Jim Kenney. Rizzo talks about the input his father had on the statue's installation, guessing his father did not want it to be damaged in any incidents. Rizzo explains this "boondoggle" has nothing to do with the Philadelphia police department and the possibility of the Rizzo statue being moved. Rizzo adds that he has not received so much as a phone call from the city about it and reflects on the genius of his father as a public servant.


IAFF Local 22 President Says Attacks on Firefighters are Uncalled For

Dom Giordano talks with the International Association of Firefighters Local 22 President Mike Bresnan about the numerous fires over the past couple of days and the danger the firefighters face. Bresnan says no firefighters have become seriously ill but adds that there are a few hospitalizations. Bresnan talks about the normal fires that the department has to address among all the arsons that have taken place. Bresnan calls out Former Mayor Michael Nutter for shutting down firehouses and lessening the presence to address fires. Plus, Bresnan denounces the people throwing objects such as bricks at the firefighters trying to help.