Giordano: Citing Gym Patrons a 'Wast of Police Resources'

The Dom Giordano Program | May 21, 2020

The Dom Giordano Program
May 21, 2020 - 2:00 pm

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Fox 29's Steve Keeley Wonders if Authorities Will Ticket Parishioners for Worshiping God

Dom Giordano talks with Fox 29 reporter Steve Keeley about the latest at Atilis Gym and reports from the scene of a church that is defying the governor's orders. Keeley explains how the government got away with shutting down the gym, crediting the health department for shutting them down after their water was shut off. Keeley talks about the people who were cited at the gym, with Dom calling it a "waste of police resources." Keeley explains why the Camden County Democrats are not a fan of Gov. Phil Murphy. Plus, Keeley questions if the authorities will be willing to pull over older women in their Sunday best "to ticket them for worshiping God." 


The Government is Leaving a Media, PA Barber Shop Alone

Dom Giordano talks with Nichole Missino of Giovanni's Barber Shop in Media, PA about why the government is leaving her business alone at this point. Missino explains that they are letting the state officials handle it if they want to handle it. Missino claims that her business was given no guidance on how to reopen, adding that Rachel Levine sent a letter from the Board of Health at the beginning of March threatening to shut her down. Missino talks about how the phone is ringing non-stop, encouraging customers to make their reservations at Missino adds that her shop specializes in men's haircuts, though there is a female stylist who will provide women with a trim.


Big-Box Stores Remain Open, But Small Shops Must Stay Closed???

Dom Giordano talks with Steve Sweeney about the problems faced with reinvigorating the economy. Sweeney praises small business owners, adding that he trusts them to follow guidelines from CDC. Sweeney expresses disbelief that he can shop at a big-box store for a bathing suit, but cannot enter a store that sells exclusively bathing suits. Sweeney explains how common sense can bring small businesses back. Sweeney also questions why a child and their family are denied the opportunity for graduations to take place, suggesting that students can be accommodated on a football field. Plus, Sweeney calls for the government to release the modelling that decides what is opened or closed.