Giordano: Gov. Phil Murphy 'Likes How Important He Is'

The Dom Giordano Program | April 9, 2020

The Dom Giordano Program
April 09, 2020 - 3:44 pm

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NJ Assemblyman Erik Peterson on Gov. Murphy's Coronavirus Response

After hearing of Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano's 'PA Healthy Citizens & Healthy Businesses Back To Work Initiative,' New Jersey Assemblyman Erik Peterson (R-23) reached out to the State Senator to develop a similar bill for New Jerseyians. Peterson updates the audience as to where New Jersey state government stands in getting people back to work, and tells of the roadblocks he's been facing in his fight for an economic solution.


New Jersey Doctor Recounts Experience Using HCQ To Treat COVID Patients

Dom Giordano talks with Dr. Teresa Thomas, an internist in Lakewood, NJ, about experimenting with hydroxychloriquine and explains why cholroquine is not available in the United States. Thomas explains why she was not relying on the COVID-19 test and reveals who she medicated for the virus. Thomas focused on those who showed symptoms that were older or had diarrhea and provided the medicine at low doses. Thomas attributes greed to the reason hydroxychloroquine is not more widely available, adding that it is more effective than a mask.


Rob Bluey on Heritage Foundation's National Coronavirus Recovery Commission

Rob Bluey, Spokesman for Hertitage Foundation's new National Coronavirus Recovery Commission, joins the show to explain why the Hertiage Foundation is launching such an initiative to address economic perils that have risen in response to COVID-19. In a press release, Bluey said, "Americans are confronting one of the greatest challenges of their lifetime and they are seeking answers for how we navigate through this crisis and toward recovery. This commission will gather ideas from experts and the general public for consideration. We welcome contributions from the American people to make sure all ideas are considered and the best recommendations are ultimately made to our leaders.” Bluey explains the Commission's mission, and explains the ideas that will be under consideration by the Commission.