Giordano: I'm Voting on My Instincts About the Economy

The Dom Giordano Program | April 13, 2020

The Dom Giordano Program
April 13, 2020 - 3:42 pm

Rep. Martina White Calls Prisoners' Release "Inappropriate"

Dom Giordano talks with State Rep. Martina White about releasing prisoners amid the pandemic. White calls it "inappropriate" for Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to release the prisoners, explaining the consequences of releasing such a large number of people into the population. White praises the workforce that has produced "value and resources" and predicts a large budget shortfall and unemployment problems. White adds that releasing the prisoners is a political move, lamenting the people who worked their entire lives to build a business and losing their opportunities at the hands of the government.


Reporter Alex Berenson On Hospitals Fighting COVID Crisis

Dom Giordano talks with Alex Berenson of The New York Times about the accusation that he is a "Trojan horse." Berenson dismisses the notion, explaining that he does not post misinformation. Nor does Berenson fabricate information. Rather, he sources everything. Berenson explains the trouble he runs into because he is not a "team player" within the journalistic community. Berenson calls the pandemic a "bizarre situation" and talks about what needs to be done to prevent the hospitals from "collapsing" and points out how past diseases did not automatically lead to the country being shut down.


PA State Rep. Bradford Returns For An Update

Democratic Pennsylvania state representative Matt Bradford rejoins the Dom Giordano Program to provide an update on his efforts to open up the unemployment compensation hotline after promising both Dom and the audience last week that he'd look into extending the hours that the unemployment office takes calls. Also, Bradford discusses tomorrow's assembly vote on the Republican push to re-open the state's economy and explains why he believes this decision needs to be left up to public health officials.