Giordano: 'I'm Worried About Being Under Siege'

The Dom Giordano Program | April 6, 2020

The Dom Giordano Program
April 06, 2020 - 1:14 pm

(Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Geisinger Symposium)


Alan Dershowitz Says COVID-19 Concessions Must Be "Temporary"

Alan Dershowitz, famed scholar of civil liberties and constitutional law, joins The Dom Giordano Program to discuss the surrender of personal freedoms in a time of crisis. Dershowitz, who has a great new book out titled Guilt By Accusation, explains the pervasive nature of a reduction of rights that began prior to the virus, rearing its ugly head in the #MeToo movement. When the conversation turns to back to the current situation, the surrender of civil liberties when facing potential disaster, Dershowitz makes it clear that any concessions made must only be temporary and the general populace needs to be aware to the potential of personal permanent freedoms being taken away. Dershowitz also gives examples throughout history of instances in which similar permanent rights were removed under the guise of a solution to a temporary problem.


Dr. Phillip DeFina Reports on the Success of Hydroxycholroquine Trials

Dr. Philip DeFina, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at International Brain Research Foundation, has been working with New Jersey State Senator Joseph Pennacchio to test the viability of hydroxycholorquine as a potential treatment for coronavirus. Pennacchio, who's been working under advisement of DeFina and a multitude of other doctors trying hydroxychloroquine on patients, said on Twitter, "New Jersey must immediately take a proactive approach to preventative coronavirus treatment with hydroxychloroquine. With a retrospective analysis of patients who had been receiving HCQ for other diseases, we can prove its effectiveness." DeFina reports on the successes of the trials and explains the path his colleagues will take in making HCQ widely available. 


PA Speaker of the House Mike Turzai Addresses Overaggressive COVID-19 Measures

Speaker of the PA House Mike Turzai joins The Dom Giordano Program to explain in-depth the state's struggle to find solid footing on the paradigm between keeping Pennsylvania citizens healthy but without a job, and keeping them employed but at-risk. Dom, who's been pushing for weeks now for Pennsylvania Republicans to speak up and fight against the very controversial blind waiver system set forth by Governor Wolf, grills Turzai to lay out a Republican plan for addressing potentially overaggressive governmental overreach.