Giordano: Mini-Mike Comes Up Short Again

The Dom Giordano Program | February 18, 2020

The Dom Giordano Program
February 18, 2020 - 1:20 pm

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The Decline of the Boy Scouts of America

Dom Giordano discusses the bankruptcy of the Boy Scouts of America and tries to figure out how an organization that was once an American institution could become sidelined. Dom attributes this shift to the liberalization of scouting, and Dan chimes in with the changes made to the Indian Guide organization. Plus, other American institutions that have wasted away and the celebrities that have aged poorly.


Philadelphia Flower Show Threatened By High Electricity Prices

Today in the second hour of the show, Dom Giordano led off by discussing a spike in the cost of electricity, which is shocking some vendors at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Dom uses this as an opportunity to discuss the city of Philadelphia as a whole, and the ridiculous policies of the city governments. Then Dom and Dan get into a discussion about the side topic: who has aged well or who has aged horribly? Dom brings up the name Betty White as somebody who aged fabulously, and Dan points out that she's one of the rare celebrities that will be remembered as an elderly person rather than when she was in her prime. Also, throughout the hour, Dom discusses the demise of the Boy Scouts, and an article in WHYY that points out that Pennsylvania's immigrant population could swing the upcoming 2020 election.


Will Bernie Denounce His 'Bros?'

Dom Giordano makes his predictions for the debate, guessing the candidates will call for Bernie Sanders to denounce the "Bernie Bros." Dom expects Sanders to deflect. Dom comments on the death of the Boy Scouts and questions how an iconic organization has gone by the wayside. Dom also sheds a tear for "Amazing Grace." Dom wonders who Mike Bloomberg will stand next to on the debate stage and questions whether or not Bloomberg will utilize the hydraulic lift. Dom explains the role height plays in a presidential election. Dom comments on Bloomberg's debate preparation, calling this upcoming debate "the one to watch." Dom theorizes Bloomberg buying his way through the debate, joking that he'll pay off Pete Buttigieg and the other candidates.