Giordano: 'Mitch McConnell is Not Going to Be Out-Played by Nancy Pelosi'

The Dom Giordano Program 12/19/19

The Dom Giordano Program
December 19, 2019 - 2:13 pm

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Marc Lotter Says He Does Not Want Impeachment to Go to the Senate

Dom Giordano plays a clip from his interview with Donald Trump's Director of Strategic Communications Marc Lotter and comments on Lotter's view that impeachment should not go to the Senate. Dom disagrees with Lotter and explains where he and Lotter differ in their take on the impeachment. Dom also comments on Jimmy Kimmel Live guest hostess Brie Larson grouping Nancy Pelosi with great female superheroes. Plus, Dom explains why Nancy Pelosi hopes something goes her way in terms of evidence and riffs on Pelosi chiding her colleagues when they cheered the impeachment. And Dom explains what Mitch McConnell’s plan is for the impeachment.

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Steve Bannon Calls Pat Toomey a "Radical" on Trade Policy

Steve Bannon explains to Dom why Donald Trump needs a total exoneration, not just an acquittal. Bannon comments on trade and calls out Pat Toomey for advocating free trade, calling him a “radical” and “the voice of the past.” Bannon talks about how Donald Trump has turned the tables on trade with the Chinese people and explains why the Chinese Communist Party has not lived up to their end of the bargain. Plus, Bannon explains why everybody must get organized and prepared for impeachment. And Bannon predicts how the impeachment will end for Donald Trump, calling the President a “fighter.”


Rep. Mo Brooks Doesn't Trust Supreme Court Justice John Roberts "As Far As You Can Throw Him"

Dom Giordano talks with Mo Brooks about the behavior of the socialists, with Brooks explaining why they do not “give a flip” about the law. Brooks reveals what surprised him during the impeachment proceedings and gives his take on Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and explains why he does not trust the judge. Plus, Brooks tells Dom about his background as a prosecutor prior to becoming a Congressman and comments on Nancy Pelosi’s “obstructionist nature.” And finally, Brooks explains why he agrees with Rick Santorum in saying the Senate can take up the impeachment on its own.