Giordano: Natural Gas 'Has Become the Target' of Jane Fonda

The Dom Giordano Program 12/20/19

The Dom Giordano Program
December 20, 2019 - 3:43 pm
Fonda Arrest

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Marcellus Shale Coalition President David Spigelmyer on the Importance of Natural Gas

Dom Giordano talks with Marcellus Shale Coalition President David Spigelmyer about why they have become the target of the left’s ire. Spigelmyer also talks about Joe Biden’s lack of concern about eliminating jobs of those who work with natural gas. Spigelmyer points out how natural gas development contributes to American society and provides examples of the different products created with it. Spigelmyer explains how Americans now produce the majority of natural gas and describes what the job impact will be if natural gas is eliminated. And Spigelmyer comments on Jane Fonda’s furor over the environment.


TV Critic Neal Zoren Thinks Disne y Plus Will Challenge Netflix

Dom Giordano talks with television critic Neal Zoren about the impact Disney Plus will have on the streaming world and how it has been doing since its launch. Zoren also explains how Disney’s brand presents a real threat to Netflix and its dominance over the streaming landscape. Zoren names who he thinks is the all-time greatest Philadelphia television personality and names the television shows he will be watching during the Christmas holiday. Plus, Zoren tells how he predicted streaming services and the smartwatch.


Congressional Candidate Andy Meehan Comments on Campaign Against Brian Fitzpatrick

Dom Giordano talks with Andy Meehan, Candidate for Congress PA01, about his campaign against Brian Fitzpatrick and explains why he feels Brian Fitzpatrick goes against Republicans. Meehan explains his background and why he is running for Congress. Meehan addresses how Republicans do not have the Congressional seat, but rather Fitzpatrick as an individual and explains why this is an issue for the Republican party. Plus, Meehan points out how Fitzpatrick exercises poor judgement.