Giordano: No Sacrifice Compares to the Ultimate Sacrifice

The Dom Giordano Program | May 25, 2020

The Dom Giordano Program
May 25, 2020 - 11:57 am
Memorial Day

Sacrifice is Sacred on Memorial Day

Dom Giordano gives his take on Vice President Mike Pence's op-ed about the sacrifices Americans have made and explains why talking about sacrifices such as graduations detracts from the significance behind Memorial Day. Dom concedes that Pence is right about sacrifices Americans are making but draws the line at comparing it to the sacrifices America's service men and women make every day. 


Retired Narberth Police Officer Cycles Cross-Country in Honor of Daniel Faulkner

Dom Giordano talks with retired Narberth Police Officer Bobby Yantoro about his aim to raise awareness about Daniel Faulkner as he bikes across America in his honor. Yantoro talks about where he started his cross-country trek, beginning his journey in California at Maureen Faulkner's house. Since then, he has traveled roughly 1,500 miles. Yantoro explains how he got into cycling, finding two wheels natural since he was a highway patrolman for 13 years. Yantoro reveals he is using his journey to raise money for charity and shares where to contribute to the cause. 


Johnny Carson Still Looms Large, 28 Years After Leaving "The Tonight Show"

Dom explains what set Johnny Carson apart from today's crop of talk show hosts and criticizes Jimmy Kimmel's posturing as "America's conscience." Dom also expresses shock at Stephen Colbert's ability to skirt FCC violations. Plus, Dom explains the difference between Carson and Jay Leno.