Giordano: Pennsylvania is 'Inundated with Frustration' Over Lockdown

The Dom Giordano Program | May 6, 2020

The Dom Giordano Program
May 06, 2020 - 2:02 pm

(Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Geisinger Symposium)


Sen. Pat Toomey Calls Government Transparency a "Fundamental"

​Dom Giordano talks with Senator Pat Toomey about the process of confirming judges and the frustration with Pennsylvania's lockdown. Toomey explains the importance of transparency, calling it a "fundamental" responsibility of the government. Toomey expresses his concern of falling behind the curve and explains who appears to be safe among the population. Toomey adds that government spending depends on an economy and is not a substitute for one. Plus, Toomey talks about the importance of Pennsylvanians speaking out about moving into the direction of relaxing the restrictions in place and putting pressure on Harrisburg.


Hogan Gidley Praises President's Response to COVID-19

Dom Giordano talks with Hogan Gidley about the President's knowledge about the private sector and addressing the needs of the states. Gidley explains the states got whatever they required to combat coronavirus in record time. Gidley talks about the Whole of Government approach and the experts that are going to continue to advise the President and his staff. Gidley acknowledges what a disaster COVID-19 has been for the United States, but adds that the American spirit is at the core of the fight. Gidley praises the President for moving "quickly and decisively" in fighting the virus and touts the light at the end of the tunnel.


National Day Of Prayer's Virtual Celebration

Gabrielle and Patti Bruno, leaders of the Delaware County chapter of the National Day of Prayer, join the Dom Giordano Program to promote Thursday’s upcoming celebration. Because of Coronavirus, those with the organization have had to adjust their annual celebration of prayer, this year offering a virtual experience. All day tomorrow, the organization will be accepting personal prayer requests on their website, The daytime program will begin at 11AM, with praise and worship led by pastors and community members worldwide, with prayer conference calls being held at both 10AM and 10PM. A night-time national observance will feature multiple big names, and will be shown on the website. Also, the local chapter will be having a social distancing-friendly car parade in support of prayer throughout Delaware County, beginning 3:30PM tomorrow.​


Col. Allen West Calls Fear of COVID-19 a "Disability"

Dom Giordano talks with Col. Allen West about the documentary Uncle Tom, as well as the story of a Dallas salon owner sentenced to jail for opening her business amid the pandemic. West explains how unfathomable it is that this would happen and calls Judge Clay Jenkins "despotic." West criticizes the government for releasing criminals from jail but sentencing people trying to earn a living. West calls the fear of COVID-19 a "disability" and addresses the issue of mail-in ballots. Plus, West talks about his bid for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.