Giordano: Respect the Office and Shake the President's Hand

The Dom Giordano Program | 01/14/20

The Dom Giordano Program
January 14, 2020 - 12:53 pm
Vince Vaughn

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Watch Yourself, Vince Vaughn! The Cancel Culture Has Their Sights Set On You

Today, Dom led off the Dom Giordano Program by talking about the new cancel culture Twitter crusade, who now have their targets set on Vince Vaughn after he was caught... wait for it... SHAKING HANDS with the President. Also, Adam Driver caught a bit flack on Twitter after speaking negatively about taxes. Then, Dom discusses the 2020 Democratic hopefuls after Cory Booker exits the race, and plays back a clip of Chris Matthews asking John Kerry about whether Bernie Sanders is 'dangerous' for the country. Dom also discusses new claims of racism because of the criticism that Megan Markle is receiving in the UK, and Dom talks about Apple's fight with AG Barr over the privacy, after Barr requested the tech company to unlock the Pensacola killer's phones. And Dom delves into the vaping controversy, with New Jersey now enacting a ban on flavored vaping products.


Bill McSwain Slams Sanctuary Cities

Dom Giordano talks with Attorney Bill McSwain about the problem with sanctuary city policies and explains how apologists for sanctuary cities contribute to the problem. McSwain talks about how trust between the community and the police is built and the problem with favoritism toward illegal immigrants living in Philadelphia. McSwain explains the importance of setting up the proper incentives for people to follow the law and also comments the direction of crime metrics. Plus, McSwain talks about the focus on the "Krasner effect" and questions how to reverse this trend. 


Robert Barnes Comments on the Covington Catholic Case

Dom Giordano talks with Attorney Robert Barnes about Nick Sandman and the defamation suit in which he represented Sandman. Barnes comments on the settlement with CNN and talks about the goals of the other Covington Catholic families. Barnes talks about the reversal of the ruling on The Washington Post and gives his thoughts on suing individuals as well as major corporations in this case. Plus, the people who called for acts of violence against the Covington Catholic students and the historical nature of the case as a doxing case.