Giordano: The COVID-19 Fight is an American Crusade

The Dom Giordano Program | May 27, 2020

The Dom Giordano Program
May 27, 2020 - 12:24 pm

(Photo by Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images)


Fox News Reporter Pete Hegseth Was Once a "Never-Trumper"

Dom Giordano talks with Fox News' Pete Hegseth about the Atilis Gym fiasco and his coverage of the story. Hegseth lauds the owners for their actions and expresses shock at the notion that the government changed the locks on the doors of the gym. Hegseth talks about his new book, American Crusade, and explains why he does not care if people find the title too provocative. Hegseth talks about how the left uses incidents that affect personal safety or health to their advantage and addresses the fact that he was almost a "never-Trumper." Hegseth adds that he did not get the hype about Donald Trump and talks about what made Hegseth become a "Trump convert." Hegseth also explains the difference between "Texas" Omar and Rep. Ilhan "Somali" Omar, criticizing the latter for her comments about the United States. Plus, Hegseth talks about the chapter on political correctness.


New Jersey GOP Chairman Says Gov. Phil Murphy is Picking "Winners and Losers"

Dom Giordano talks with Doug Steinhardt, Chairman of the New Jersey GOP, about Governor Phil Murphy's shift from re-opening the state after "flattening the curve" to whenever a vaccine is found. Steinhardt says this is "tantamount to the Governor picking winners and losers." Steinhardt adds that this violates due process laws and turns private property regulations upside-down. Steinhardt says Murphy has failed at providing meaningful dates and benchmarks to people and calls the Rachel Levine nursing home scandal a tragedy. Steinhardt blames the removal of safeguards from nursing facilities and calls the move to put people with coronavirus in such facilities a "death warrant" to the residents.


Rev. Charles Clark Jr. Faces Charges for Re-Opening Church in Berlin, NJ

Dom Giordano talks with Rev. Charles Clark Jr. about the repercussions Solid Rock Baptist Church faces, being charged with "facilitating a gathering over 10 people." The penalty is a $1 thousand fine or six months in jail. Clark says he and his son will go to court in June to fight this and talks about the fear of businesses re-opening because of the potential charges they could face. Clark theorizes the government is intoxicated by the power it has over these businesses, with Clark theorizing the shutdown is more about control than safety. Clark maintains his church is safer than most homes, pointing to the social distancing measures that were put into effect on Sunday.