Giordano: There Are Rules in the Catholic Church

The Dom Giordano Program 12/23/19

The Dom Giordano Program
December 24, 2019 - 8:39 am

There Are Rules in the Catholic Church

Dom Giordano, a Catholic, comments on the hypocrisy found in the Catholic church. Dom explains how the church is afraid to speak out against the left and calls out the clergy for not taking a stand against issues such as abortion. Dom also comments on an exchange between Chris Cuomo and Eric Metaxas on CNN and slams Cuomo for being "insufferable" for pulling out the decency card. Dom questions when somebody will call out the Chris Cuomos of the world for being hypocritical and denies the idea that there are no rules in the Catholic faith. 


Ray Didinger Says The Cowboys Haven't Been America's Team "In a While"

Dom Giordano talks with sports commentator Ray Didinger about the close game between the Eagles and the Cowboys and explains why he did not expect the Eagles to win the game. Didinger also talks about the roster of Cowboys players and points out the standout players on that team. Didinger explains how the Cowboys had underachieved and comments on how the Eagles were in a bad spot with their "battered" team. Didinger reveals why the Cowboys are no longer "America's team." Plus, the potential Rookie of the Year.