Giordano to Ben Carson: Get in the Ear of the Governor

The Dom Giordano Program | April 23, 2020

The Dom Giordano Program
April 23, 2020 - 3:15 pm
Ben Carson

(Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images)


HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on Choice Neighborhoods Initiative

HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson joins The Dom Giordano Program to announce the results of their Choice Neighborhoods Initiative. Today, HUD will announce that they will award $130 million to revitalize neighborhoods, with hopes that these grants will transform long-struggling neighborhoods and distressed HUD-assisted housing. Only four cities were awarded the grant, one of the cities being Philadelphia, with the money specifically earmarked for the Sharswood/Blumberg Neighborhood. Also, Carson discusses the federal response to the Coronavirus virus, and his expectations for the virus come fall.


Senate President Steve Sweeney  Fears Borrowing, Government's Situation is "Unprecedented"

​Dom Giordano talks with Senate President Steve Sweeney about funding for businesses and government to furlough employees. Sweeney explains employees would work two days each week and receive healthcare and pensions. Though not every state has this policy, Sweeney says the plan would enable the state to furlough more employees with access to more dollars. Sweeney explains his fear of borrowing, adding that the government is in a situation they have never been before. Sweeney talks about the importance of the economy reopening, emphasizing the fact that many will go hungry. Sweeney suggests working with the private sector to come up with ideas for how businesses can function while keeping people safe. Plus, Sweeney responds to qualms about parties in the park.


Handshakes Demonstrate a Person's Character

Dom Giordano talks with JD Mullane about the livid emails he received from the PHD moms from Philadelphia. Mullane explains the importance of getting businesses opened and the problems the businesses that are open are facing. They may be open, but nobody is out and their clients are not functioning, resulting in no business being conducted. Plus, Mullane also talks about the possibility of the handshake returning when the COVID-19 pandemic ends and explains how a handshake tells a lot about a person's character, criticizing modified COVID-19 handshakes.