Giordano: Was Soleimani 'Too Big To Kill?'

Dom Giordano Program | January 6, 2020

The Dom Giordano Program
January 06, 2020 - 11:50 am

(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)


Col. Allen West Compares Gen. Soleimani's Death to Admiral Yamamoto

Dom Giordano talks with Col. Allen West about Soleimani and explains his background as an Iranian General. West points out the parallels between the deaths of Soleimani and Yamamoto during World War II. West explains the power structure of Iran and reveals where Soleimani fell in that power structure. Plus, West comments on whether or not President Trump will exit Iraq and reveals what he thinks is the most important thing to do in Iran. West also provides an update on his campaign in Texas and talks about moderating the North Carolina GOP Governor's Debate. And West comments on "leftugees" who flee states such as New York for red states like Texas.


Ray Didinger on the Eagles | Wildcard Playoffs

Philadelphia broadcasting and sports-writing legend Ray Didinger joins the Dom Giordano Program for his final weekly check-in after the Eagles ended their season with a Wildcard playoff loss to the Russell Wilson-led Seahawks. Ray and Dom discuss the Jadaveon Clowney hit that knocked Carson Wentz out of the game, whether Clowney not being ejected would have affected the game, the outlook going forward and whether or not Eagles' management will stay aggressive in the off-season.


Millcreek Tavern Owner Reflects on Vandalism of His Bar​

Dom Giordano talks with Jack Gillespie, proprietor of Millcreek Tavern, about the vandalism of his bar and the story behind the attack. Gillespie talks about the Proud boys and reveals whether or not the police reached out to him after the vandals ravaged his establishment. Gillespie also throws out a number for the price of damages in glassware alone. Plus, the infringement of freedom of speech and the problems it presents.