Greg Jarrett: Deputy AG Rosenstein Should Be Impeached

Rosenstein Has Been Obstructing Justice, says Jarrett

The Dom Giordano Program
July 26, 2018 - 1:12 pm

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Fox News’ legal and political analyst, Gregg Jarrett, discussed his latest book “The Russian Hoax” and his thoughts on the articles impeachment filed by lawmakers against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein with Dom Giordano on TalkRadio 1210 WPHT.  Jarrett explained that the Russia hoax investigation began at the same time when former FBI Director, James Comey, cleared Hillary of any crimes from her email server.

“As he’s [James Comey} clearing Hillary Clinton and ending that case, he is beginning the Trump, Russia collusion hoax, his FBI is in London that day, meeting with the author of the fictitious anti-Trump dossier. Which was funded by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.”

Jarrett continued, “ That document , together with a whole bunch of unfounded accusations, that would be exploited in this malicious attempt to frame Trump, for crimes he didn’t commit and for indeed a crime called collusion that doesn’t exist in political campaigns. That’s the Russia hoax.”

Jarrett explained to Giordano that the deep state of the government set out to frame Trump by subvert the rule of law and hurt the election process of 2016.

“These are people in highest levels of government at the FBI and Department of Justice and they set out to subvert the rule of law by clearing Clinton and by framing Trump. They were trying to, essentially, undermine the democratic process. “

Jarrett went on, “Once Trump was elected, they doubled down and decided that they were going to destroy his presidency and undo the election because ‘we know better than American voters, those stupid deplorables.’”

Last night, Republican lawmakers drafted articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, Jarrett told Giordano that Rosenstein should be held in contempt for his role in the Russia investigation.

“Rosenstein has repeatedly defied lawful subpoenas about the origins of the Trump, Russia collusion hoax. He treats Congress with contempt and Rosenstein should be held in contempt and be impeached. This is a guy who has been covering up and obstructing justice. “

Jarrett concluded, “As I argue in the book, there was no legal basis to launch the investigation of Trump, no probable cause, no evidence of crimes, no plausible intelligence to justify a counter-intelligence probe. People invented or exaggerated facts.”