Herschel Walker to Zeoli :It Would Have Been an Injustice if I Didn't Stand Up For President Trump

Former Philadelphia Eagle Joins The Rich Zeoli Show

The Rich Zeoli Show
October 21, 2020 - 11:34 am
Herschel Walker

Paul Morigi / Stringer


Legendary NFL running back and former Philadelphia Eagle, Herschel Walker, joined The Rich Zeoli Show, joined to discuss the polices that President Donald Trump is implementing to help the African-American Community throughout the United States, most recently the “Platinum Plan.”

“People talk about the platinum plan but I say think about the things he’s already done with historical Black colleges and prison reform and the platinum plan is just building on to it. It’s not just a plan just to give you money, he’s not trying to pander for a vote, what he’s trying to do is empower the African-American community by giving them the opportunity to capital.”

Walker has had a relationship with the President spanning over 3 decades and he couldn’t believe the narrative from the Democratic party labeling the President as a racist person.

“It would have been an injustice if I don’t stand up [for President Trump.] First of all, this guy is not a racist. Second of all, this guy loves the United States of America and I don’t want people to know him just from a tweet. A lot of people don’t like him because he is very brass.”

Walker continued, “He’s a loving father, he’s a man that cares that tries to work with you. And I think people are seeing that today.”

Walker encouraged everyone, not just African-Americans, to educate themselves on political policy to  

“I thought I was a Democrat when I started out, I didn’t know, everyone just assumed you always vote Democratic. So, you didn’t go and look things up and I think that was my fault. And I think that’s what people assume, you’re Democratic because you’re African-American and they didn’t educate themselves and start looking at the policies.”

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