Protecting Your Kids in the Water This Labor Day Weekend

The Rich Zeoli Show
August 23, 2019 - 12:09 pm

​PHILADELPHIA (1210 WPHT)- During Labor Day weekend, many famlies head to the beach or relax in the pool. For all of the fun the water provides, there is also danger present. In an interview with The Rich Zeoli Show, ZAC Foundation Executive Director Megan Ferraro talked about how drowning does not look the way people thinks it does.

"Drowning doesn't look at all like it's portrayed in the movies," Ferraro explained. "It's quiet, it's silent, and unless you as a parent have your hands on your children and you can make eye-to-eye contact with them, they really are not being kept safe."

Ferraro explained the mission of the ZAC Foundation, stressing the importance of adult supervision in the water.

"We have to make sure that we teach parents...that they are their child's first line of defense," said Ferraro. "We cannot rely on lifeguards."

"We really have to break that misconception that lifeguards are sort of babysitters for our children," Ferraro elaborated. "They are there as a layer of protection, but you as a parent really need to serve as your child's guardian."

Ferraro acknowledged the difficulties involved in supervising children in the water.

"We know that, by and large, most parents are good parents who love their children and it can be so easy to get distracted for just a moment," Ferraro said. "It's so important that in those moments where you can have that brief lapse of supervision that you pull all of your children out of the water."

Listen to the full interview with Megan Ferraro below.