Lewandowski: Syrian Strikes Will Not Lead to Long Term Problem

Says Syria Won't Become Like Afghanistan

The Dom Giordano Program
April 16, 2018 - 2:08 pm



Former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski joined the Dom Giordano Program on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT to discuss the airstrikes levied against Syria Friday night.

“The type of military action that we undertook onto Syria with our partners of the U.K and France was a strategic military strike that did not commit our troops to a long term problem like Afghanistan. Our troops have been in Afghanistan for over six thousand days if you can believe this. We continue to lose lives and it’s unacceptable. What this President did in Syria was a targeted, strategic, attack on three locations that will hopefully limit Assad’s ability to continue to use chemical weapons against innocent men, women and children. That is the type of military action that the Untied States should be using as it relates to holding people and Countries accountable when they’re killing innocent people.”

Lewandowski explained to Giordano that these strikes were necessary because of the use of a chemical weapon.

“When you start gassing your own people, it takes us back to a time that we had the worst atrocities in the history of our world, you cannot use chemical weapons against people. United Nations and every Nation have agreed to this and what this President he’s been very clear. We are in this position because of the failures of the previous Administration but this will not be tolerated and the support from the world community has been prolific, excluding Russia and Iran. The President has said if you want to continue to support Assad then there will be consequences as well and that will include economic sanctions but it will not prevent us from retaliating to save innocent lives and I think it’s a very important thing. This is not a long-term commitment of American troops. This is a strategic military execution, which took place and was very successful. “

Lewandowski also weighed in on ABC’s Sunday night interview with former FBI Director James Comey, saying that Comey’s view on right and wrong isn’t applied to Comey himself.

“It’s also the ‘Messiah’ complex that he wants to tell everybody that he is the God and the arbiter of what is right and wrong. Except when it comes to [James] Comey. This the amazing part, he can cast dispersions against the President, a man who he had very little interactions with but when it comes to James Comey himself he refuses to look internally, where he has now admitted under oath he’s lied to Congress. We call that perjury in the real world. He’s admitted under oath that he took information that he received as the FBI Director and gave to a college law professor so that information was leaked to the general public that is also against the FBI code. And now he and his best friend, Andrew McCabe, are pointing fingers at each other of who knew what, when and where.