Mother of Stabbing Victim Schellenger: ‘Until I See Krasner In Handcuffs, I Won’t Be Happy’​

The Dom Giordano Program
October 18, 2019 - 1:25 pm

PHILADELPHIA (1210 WPHT)- The mother of Sean Schellenger, a man who was fatally stabbed, is not pleased with the acquittal of Michael White.

In an interview with The Dom Giordano Program, Sean's mother Linda Schellenger blamed Philadelphia Larry Krasner for the not-guilty verdict.

"An absolute injustice," Schellenger exclaimed.

"Larry Krasner needs to be arrested for corruption," said Schellenger. "He obstructed justice."

Schellenger pointed to Krasner's dropping the first-degree murder charge as an example.

"Larry really utilitzed the legal system to make sure Michael [White] didn’t get the punishment that was intended," Schellenger explained. "Michael was going to be convicted of third-degree murder and he knew that. That’s why he dropped the charge.”

“You can read in the testimony of Michael he agrees that he killed Sean,” said Schellenger. “The only legal question here was his intent and Larry did that on purpose. He took away from the jury the opportunity to have third-degree murder.”

Schellenger claimed she pleaded with Krasner to keep the third-degree murder charge. "Manslaughter was already a charge on the sheet and to allow the jury to decide," Schellenger said.

Schellenger shot down the idea that Krasner was playing to the black community in this trial.

“He wants votes. He wants attention. He wants cameras,” Schellenger said. “He doesn’t really care what’s happening in the black community.”

Schellenger shared her crusade to find justice in the case.

“I will prove this man has obstructed justice,” Schellenger said. “Until I See him In handcuffs, I won’t Be happy”

Listen to the full interview with Linda Schellenger below.