Pennsylvania Requires All School Officers To Go Through Specific Training Program

Executive Director Mo Canady of NASRO Joins Rich Zeoli Discussing Partnership

The Rich Zeoli Show
October 04, 2019 - 12:11 pm

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Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill over the summer that allowed school security guards to carry a firearm. A requirement for Pennsylvania school security guards, sometimes referred to as resource officers, is to go through the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) basic training program

Executive Director of NASRO, Mo Canady, joined The Rich Zeoli Show, discussing PA’s decision and explained their ultimate goals in protecting schools.

“The way we train SRO’s is that the number one goal is to bridge that gap between law enforcement and [the] youth and that’s about relationships. We find when SRO’s are focused on building relationships a byproduct comes out of that is excellent intelligence. “

Canady explained to Zeoli that these relationships give the officers the opportunity to gather information better to stop potential acts of violence. “It gives us the opportunity beyond just the community policing value there; it gives us the opportunity to have information that helps us to stop acts of violence before they even occur.”

Canady went on to praise a state like Pennsylvania that is requiring officers to go through their training compared to a state like Florida.

We’re not allowed to train in Florida. They do all of their own training. It’s kind of like they’ve closed off the borders to us being able to come in and help the m and we would love to. It’s one of the few states where we don’t have the opportunity to train. They’ve decided to do it themselves. I applaud the state of Pennsylvania. We are going to be all over the state this year. As their state, has decided that every SRO in that state is going to have to go through our basic SRO course.