Philadelphia Native Uncovers Bernie Sanders' Lost TV Footage

The Rich Zeoli Show
May 20, 2019 - 1:15 pm



PHILADELPHIA (1210 WPHT)- Add Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders to the list of celebrities with their own talk show.

The archive of Sanders’ public access show from the 1980s was covered in-depth by Politico writer Holly Otterbein.

“It was literally 1600 minutes of Bernie Sanders on television, kind of livestreaming his job before…there was livestreaming,” recalled Otterbein, who regaled her journey to Burlington, VT in an interview with The Rich Zeoli Show.

Otterbein said she was on a mission to find the lost final episode in a series of 52 episodes, housed in a Burlington library.

“It showed his press conference from coming back from a trip to the Soviet Union, his wedding to his wife right before this trip in the 1980s, and also another press conference about this trip.”

What Otterbein said she found was 3.5 hours of Sanders in the Soviet Union, the trip in which a bare-chested Sanders sang “This Land is Your Land.”

Should the Sanders Soviet Union footage be released, Otterbein said it could be bad news for the Presidential hopeful. Among the images in the video is one of Sanders sitting beneath a portrait of Lenin.

“There’s parts where he extolls the virtues…of Soviet life, though he says there are a lot of things wrong with it,” explained Otterbein.

“This could be turned into a negative ad and impact the race, could potentially see it having an impact on the older voters.”

Listen to the full interview below.