Zeoli: What Other Republican President Could Call Out His Own Party

The Zeoli Show 10/10/19

The Rich Zeoli Show
October 10, 2019 - 10:32 am

Mark Wilson / Staff



Today on The Rich Zeoli Show, Rich discussed how President Trump has stood firm on his stance pulling out the remaining American troops from Northern Syria despite receiving backlash from not just Democrats but members of his own party. Trump went even as far as to call out the military industrial complex. 

“I know the alternative is that much worse of Elizabeth Warren, America’s mother-in-law, or megaphone Bernie, I know it’s worse. The other problem Democrats have is because they’re not offering a sensible, moderate Democrat alternative to the President. There’s nowhere for anybody to go. So you wind up as doubling down and that gives him [Trump] the ability, I think, to call this stuff out. I mean, what other Republican can call out the military industrial complex?”

Listen to the full show below:

Rich was also joined by FOX News’ Legal and Political analyst, Gregg Jarrett, on his latest book “Witch Hunt.”


In today’s 60 minutes of non-stop talk,  Rich discussed former Vice President Joe Biden calling for the impeachment of President Trump, Gregg Jarrett joined discussing his latest book Witch Hunt, ​President Trump calling out NBA coach Steve Kerr for having nothing to say on China and went after DA Larry Krasner again. 


One of the biggest local stories developing is the ongoing dispute, again, between the FOP Lodge 5 and District Attorney Larry Krasner. Rich spent time discussing how a controversial tweet by a DA spokesperson is drawing heat from the FOP in Philly.

Just one day after saying that he’ll slow down, Rich discussed how Senator Bernie Sanders is getting his groove back for the campaign.