Son of Action Park Founder Speaks on Controversial New Jersey Amusement Park

Resort Owner: With Any Risk Comes Injury

The Rich Zeoli Show
October 07, 2019 - 10:56 am



They say with risk comes great reward. However, for one amusement park in New Jersey, Action Park simply had too much risk for its time.

Joining the Rich Zeoli Show,co-owner of Crystal Springs Resort  Andy Mulvihill, spoke with Rich about the park and the upcoming documentary on its controversy.

“It’s amazing to me, I don’t know 30-40 years later, how people just reminisce about it. I get approached all the time by people that went and a lot of guys that worked there. It’s funny; I get the same message from every one of them. They say, it was unbelievably unique and it was the most fun they ever had.”

Mulvihill continued, “From the guys and girls that worked there, they said it was the best job they ever had.”

Mulvihill told Zeoli that his father, Gene Mulvihill, founded the amusement park on the idea of skiing.

“My father was not the type of guy to just do something that everyone else has done. He wanted to do something that was unique, a different approach. He wanted to show people something they’ve never seen before. So, he took the idea of skiing. “

He continued to explain that skiing can give you several different ways to control yourself with it, “In skiing, you can go slow, use crosses or you can go fast and it’s really thrilling that you can control what you’re doing. So, he took that philosophy and he brought it to the amusement park.”

Mulvihill met the director of the newest documentary on the infamous amusement park, “Class Action Park” and believes the risk that came with the park is what the director latched onto.

“With rides that you control, comes risk. And with risk sometimes comes injury. There’s people that look at that, certainly today, and say ‘My God how can you do that?’ But it’s kind of like, you know, with the risk that you take, sometimes people get hurt. It happens with skiing and it happened at our place. “

Mulvihill concluded,” I guess this latest guy that’s doing the documentary, I’ve met him, I’ve talked to him. I think he’s probably latched onto that history of the park.”