Zeoli: 'The Democrats Have Cried Wolf on Impeachment For So Long'

The Rich Zeoli Show 09/26/19

The Rich Zeoli Show
September 26, 2019 - 12:29 pm

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On this morning’s show, Rich compared the Democrats to the boy who cried wolf and explained why the Democrats’ calls for impeachment have become nothing more than “background noise.”

“The Democrats have so cried wolf on impeachment for so long now that the average guy working for a living, the average woman working for a living, they don’t want to hear it anymore…Whenever you cry wolf whether you are a child or you are an adult…

“You can only cry wolf so many times. Believe me, I deal with this with my kids. I have a 5-year-old son and I’ve had to tell Patrick over the summer a few times. Because we’ll be playing a game and he’ll say, ‘Dad, help!’ We’ll be playing in the pool and I’d go, ‘Buddy, never say help in the pool unless you need help.’

“Democrats have been yelling ‘help’ since the before the inauguration and certainly since the inauguration. And at some point, you click out…background noise.”

Rich pointed to the main perpetrators of the boy who cried wolf pleas, explaining what they have done wrong.

 “CNN and MSNBC have been playing to one audience over and over again. That audience is the audience that wants the President gone. And they have been telling them since day one they were going to deliver the goods and they have not been able to deliver the goods. Other people tuned out a long time ago.”

Listen to the full show below.

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