Stone: After Korea, Trump Should Pardon Anyone in Russia Investigation

Also Being Cautious About Cohen $500K Payment

The Dom Giordano Program
May 09, 2018 - 1:47 pm

© Anthony Behar


Political commentator and author, Roger Stone, joined the Dom Giordano Show on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT discussing his latest book “Stone’s Rules” where he applied them to President Donald Trump and his administration.

“There are men of action and men of words. Here are the actions [Trump] should take. After he returns from Korea, with 3% economic growth in the country, Obama could only get a point and a half, the President should return from Korea with a peace deal in hand [and] he should pardon everybody who has been subject of these witch hunts. I don’t expect to be indicted so I’m not asking for a pardon myself, in case David Brock is listening, but Mike Flynn, who I think is a great patriot who has been wronged here. Pardon Jared Kushner if necessary; fire Mr. Rosenstein, fire Mr. Sessions, fire Mr. Mueller, order the new Attorney General, you want a new special prosecutor, name him, Judge Andrew Napolitano would be fine with me, to look into the FISA warrants and let me clarify that. The illegal spying on the Republican candidates for President, far worse than Watergate, but also uranium one. The perps in uranium one are Mr. Mueller, Mr.Comey, Mr. McCabe and Mr. Rosenstein himself. Those are the men who covered up the shady deal in which the Russians bought control of our uranium supply. Those men should be under criminal investigation.”

Stone also weighed in on the alleged payment of $500,000 to former Trump attorney, Michael Cohen, from a Russian oligarch.

“Being subject to a lot of fake news myself, I would just prefer to not rush to judgment because we might have read and heard all kinds of things about Michael Cohen that aren’t true. On the other hand, maybe some things we have heard are true, so let’s see. I know Mr. Cohen, I know him well. I never thought he was suited for politics. I couldn’t tell you how good a lawyer he is I got the impression he was more a real estate lawyer. Donald [Trump] obviously likes him or liked him for some reason. I had no meaningful interactions with him and to my knowledge I don’t think he conspired with the Russians either but we shall see.”