Congressman Guy Reschenthaler: "the Chinese Communist Party lied to the world about the Wuhan virus"

Reschenthaler joins The Rich Zeoli Show

The Rich Zeoli Show
September 23, 2020 - 11:31 am

Congressman Guy Reschenthaler of the 14th District in Pennsylvania, joined The Rich Zeoli Show, to discuss the report on China and the World Health Organization could have likely prevented the COVD-19 pandemic if they had acted differently.

“We know now, looking back at the timeline, that the Chinese Communist Party lied to the world about the Wuhan virus. They basically ignored evidence that the Taiwanese had given them back in December. They had ignored evidence that [Hong Kong] had given them back in early January.”


Reschenthaler continued, “They knew this virus spread person to person not animal to person like they were peddling in the early days of this.”


According to Reschenthaler, the Chinese Government also used the WHO to reiterate their own talking points when it came to the virus.

“China used the World Health Organization as well to parrot the Chinese Communist Party talking points.  The [WHO] knew because they had information from Taiwan that this virus was deadly and spreading; that they should lock it down. But they didn’t act on it until it was politically expedient for the Chinese Communist Party.”

 Instead of acting on the betterment of the world, the Chinese government acted for their own self-interests by stockpiling PPE for themselves while attempting to hide the severity of the virus.

“They took nonferrous actions and it was all for the betterment and the gain of the Chinese Communist party. It wasn’t for the betterment and health of the entire world. What is so disturbing is WHO, which presumably is put together and the entire purpose is to stop pandemics, ignoring the evidence they had. And mirrored the talking points of the Chinese Communist Party.” 

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