Tops O' The Morning 11.08.18

Jeff Sessions is Out, Chris Christie's Name-Dropped, and Andrew McCarthy is Considered!

The Chris Stigall Show
November 08, 2018 - 10:44 am

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Chris Christie, America's Next Attorney General?

Laura Ingraham proposed on her Fox News Channel program that Former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Many New Jersey residents harbor umbrage against Christie, years after Bridgegate occured. Would Christie be an optimal choice for Trump's White House?


War of the Worlds: Jim Acosta v.s. Donald Trump

What happens when journalists collide with politicians? Journalists try to wrestle microphones away from said politician's intern when told they are done talking. Jim Acosta and Donald Trump had a very contentious moment at the White House press conference yesterday, resulting in suspension of Acosta's press credentials. Did he assault the intern who tried to get the mic from him?


Andrew McCarthy

Fox News Contributor Andrew McCarthy joins Chris to discuss the ouster of Jeff Sessions from Trump's administration, as well as potential candidates to replace Sessions. Is McCarthy a front runner for the job?