Tops O' The Morning 12.05.18

City of the Year, Bob Dole, Biden 2020, and Victor Fiorillo!

The Chris Stigall Show
December 05, 2018 - 9:58 am



Philadelphia: City of the Year?

An article from GQ named Philadelphia the "City of the Year." The author, himself from Philly, credited a rapper and liberal politicians as the reasons why this great city is the city of the year. How can one overlook all of the great historical aspects of the city?


Bob Dole & The Greatest Generation

Ever since his youth, Chris has admired Bob Dole as a man and as a politician. Dole was the first candidate Chris voted to be President. He grew up laughing at the satire of Dole on Saturday Night Live. And now, he looks up to Dole, who stood from his wheel chair to salute the deceased President Bush. What makes Dole and his peers the greatest generation?


Biden 2020

Joe Biden has made it clear he feels he is the only qualified candidate to take on Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election. However, many liberals like Elizabeth Warren are bursting at the seams waiting to run against Trump. Will any of these Democrats stand a chance?


Victor Fiorillo

PhillyMag's Victor Fiorillo joins Chris to discuss his latest article about terminated University of the Arts professor Harris Fogel, and the implications his lawsuit will have on the MeToo movement.