Trump 2020 Director of Communications Tim Murtaugh: New York Times Piece is a Nothing Burger

Tim Murtaugh Joins the Zeoli Show

The Rich Zeoli Show
September 28, 2020 - 10:52 am

The Director of Communications for the 2020 Trump campaign, Tim Murtaugh, joined The Rich Zeoli Show, to discuss the lack of an impact the breaking New York Times story involving President Trump’s tax record will have on voters.  

“It’s a big nothing burger. I think people have to take a trip through memory lane here. In 2016 right before the first debate, The New York Times dropped almost the exact same story about the President’s taxes. This was litigated in 2016. Americans know that the President is a successful guy. “

Murtaugh continued, “The President has paid tens of millions of dollars in taxes, so the story is completely bogus.”

Murtaugh also told Zeoli the New York Times would not give any documentation backing their story to the Trump camp to reference the story.

“They’re asking for comments on documents that they’re not even going to let the subject of the story look at, which is crazy. At what point does the New York Times become an ‘in kind’ contribution to Joe Biden. They ran the exact same story four years ago and American saw it and knew it and elected the President anyway.”

Murtaugh also made note of the lack of one specific subject when it came to President Trump’s taxes.

“I know they would be dying to report this if they could ever find anything about it but it’s not there. You notice there is nothing about the Russians or anybody else with foreign nationals that the President is financially intertwined with?  You know that would be the screaming headline if they could’ve found it and it’s not there. There’s a huge nothing burger here in this story.”

Murtaugh concluded, “It’s another game that they’re playing right before the debate, to drop this story. Which frankly says nothing. You know they’d be dying to accuse the President of doing something wrong if they could do it, and they can’t.”