U.S. Attorney: State Rep Brian Sims Was Acting Like An Idiot

McSwain Isn't Sure Actions Warrant A Federal Investigation

Dom Giordano
May 13, 2019 - 6:44 pm


U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain discussed his thoughts on the controversial video of State Representative Brian Sims and any potential crime the Representative may have committed with TalkRadio 1210 WPHT on the Dom Giordano Program.


“I think that we would all agree when we look at those videos, [Sims] was acting like an idiot and I think he would admit he was acting like an idiot. Not only was he acting like an idiot, but then he decided to film himself acting like an idiot. “


McSwain continued, “Generally speaking, when we look at any situation that we are considering investigating, we have to look at whether there is a specific violation of federal law, specific statute that has been violated. There is no federal idiot act.”


McSwain explained to Giordano that sometimes a potential federal investigation finds remedies within local and/or state investigations.


“When you think about whether there is going to be a federal investigation of anything, sometimes the wise thing to do is to look at what other remedies are out there. There’s sometimes state investigations, local investigations, or can be even administrative investigations because a federal investigation is a big hammer. “


McSwain concluded, “We’ll have to just see what happens with this incident and we’ll have to see what the future holds. But I think there are several ways that could be potentially addressed short of a federal investigation.”


McSwain also discussed with Giordano the spike in the homicide rate in Philadelphia and the correlation between the spike and new District Attorney Larry Krasner’s office.


“There is a very strong correlation between these new policies that the District Attorney has instituted and it lines up almost perfectly in terms of the time period about when the homicide rates have sky rocketed.


McSwain went on, “It’s also, I think, a matter of common sense when you look at what he’s doing. A lot of what he’s doing naturally leads to more violent crime, more homicides, more shootings, I don’t think there is a very big mystery to it.”