VP Mike Pence: "We're Disappointed" With Senator Romney

Vice President is Ready to Move on After Senate Acquittal

The Rich Zeoli Show
February 06, 2020 - 6:37 am
 Pool / Pool

Pool / Pool


Vice President Mike Pence joined Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, for an exclusive interview on The Rich Zeoli Show discussing the Senate’s acquittal of President Trump.

             “Republicans in the Senate and maybe a Democrat or two saw this for what it was; this was a partisan impeachment. That was preceded by a sham investigation where the President had no due process, no right to call witnesses, no opportunity to cross examine. “


Pence continued, “They rammed this thing through before December when the American people can see the transcript. They can see there was no quid pro quo the President did nothing wrong. Ukraine got all the aid.


The Vice President also spoke on the surprising news from yesterday that Utah Senator Mitt Romney would be the only Republican Senator to vote to convict the President


“I don’t get it and obviously we’re disappointed. The good news is that the President will be acquitted by the United States Senate in just a few short hours. “


Pence also spoke on the disservice the Democrats have put on the American people and looking forward to putting it all behind to move forward.


“Then we’ll put this behind us. I mean honestly, this partisan impeachment was a great disservice to the country. But seeing the President last night speak to the country about the incredible process we’ve made. In spite of not only this partisan impeachment but two and a half years of a baseless accusation of Russia collusion until it was found by the justice department there was no collusion, no obstruction, case closed.”       

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