Zeoli: If An Alligator Ate El Chapo, It Would Be The Funniest Thing You've Seen

The Rich Zeoli Show 10/3/19

The Rich Zeoli Show
October 03, 2019 - 10:28 am

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On today’s show, Rich discussed President Trump refuting a story that he wanted to enforce the border with alligator infested moats. Rich doesn’t think it’s actually all that crazy to have alligators in a moat at the southern border.  

“If an alligator ate El Chapo, it would be the funniest freaking thing you ever seen and you know it. Can’t you just see a fat little drug dealer running away from an alligator chasing him. …you watch a fat, little drug dealer running around, doing the zig-zag trying to get the alligator away from him. It would be the funniest thing you’d ever see in your life. Don’t tell me it wouldn’t be a deterrent from crossing the border. Cross this.” 

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In today’s 60-minutes of non-stop talk, Rich discussed Adam Schiff finding out about the whistle blower on President Trump much earlier than originally thought and how Hillary Clinton has come up with another excuse for her 2016 loss to Trump. As well as, have we seen the last of Hillary as a Presidential candidate?


Rich discussed how it’s actually not a terrible idea to get more border protection by making moats and putting alligators in them. Who has an alligator guy?