Zeoli: "It's Over For Joe Biden"

The Rich Zeoli Show 11/8/19

The Rich Zeoli Show
November 08, 2019 - 10:30 am

Scott Olson / Staff


Today on The Rich Zeoli Show, Rich discussed former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made a last minute decision to run for President. The decision is really an indictment on how former Vice President Joe Biden won’t last much longer.

“The reason why Bloomberg is running as a fake moderate is because Joe Biden is done. It’s over for Joe Biden.   Everybody knows it. It’s just a matter of trying to extend him the courtesy of exiting the race gracefully. He can’t raise money and once you can’t raise money people that give money, stop giving you money.”

Listen to the full show below:

In today's 60-minutes of non-stop talk, Rich discussed Michael Bloomberg once defending the communist party in China, CBS' John Dickerson bores us to sleep on late night with Stephen Colbert, America's Mother-in-Law tries out a megaphone and Donald Trump Jr. appears on The View. 

There was also the discovery today that America’s mother-in-law Elizabeth Warren is copying her opponent, megaphone Bernie. The two dueled it out this morning, megaphone style.

The media in all its wisdom and biases has decided to dub Michael Bloomberg as a centrist. Despite the former Mayor being the ultimate nanny state advocate, the media believes Bloomberg is right down the middle in the political world