Zeoli: Joker Got Great Free Publicity For Fake "Woke" Outrage

The Rich Zeoli Show 10/4/19

The Rich Zeoli Show
October 04, 2019 - 10:30 am

Jamie McCarthy / Staff


Today on the show, Rich gave his review of "Joker" after seeing it last night and it didn’t live up to his expectations. It was more a movie about guy going off the ledge than a movie about Joker. He also gave a theory that director Todd Phillips created the outrage over the film himself. 

"They make all this hysteria about cancel culture, woke [culture]. People saying they want to boycott it, they get gun groups involved. And they get all this free publicity, right? Zeoli said.

Zeoli continued, “And I think that is the most genius part about this. I'm going to say the director of this movie, Todd Phillips, is a genius because he said 'they only way we're going to get people to go see this movie is to get them to want to go see it because of the backlash.'"

Listen to the full show below:

Rich was also joined by Executive Director of National Association of School Resource Officers, Mo Canady, discussing Pennsylvania incorporating armed guards at schools and the training program NASRO offers them.


In today’s non-stop talk, Rich discussed AOC being attacked by an even crazier climate activists claiming the Earth only had months left and offered an extremely drastic measure to help solve it.He also discussed how the movie "Joker" didn't live up to the "woke" hype.